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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Georgia here again.

Sorry for the temporary radio silence. I think that we have all been recovering from the whirlwind festival craze and LA trips. Also, Jane is cruising around the Baltic so when the cat's away...Mia and Georgia play! Or at least get lazy about blogging. :)

Well, I guess Mia and I have not been THAT lazy given that Mia traveled across country to support our latest showing. On August 13, we had an incredible screening at the Garde Arts Center in my home town county in Connecticut. Many thanks to Steve Sigel and the entire Garde crew for inviting us and hosting such a wonderful event. My mother used to take my sisters and myself to the Garde to watch musicals, plays, and Beijing acrobats. It was such a personally fulfilling moment to see our film play in the beautifully restored old movie palace that I had visited since childhood. It was even more wonderful of a homecoming to see friends and teachers from junior high and high school, some of whom I haven't seen in over a decade, at the screening. The Garde had coordinated with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Community Cancer Center in memory of my mother. So it was extremely moving for me to see some 900 people from the local Connecticut community come out and support the film and the cancer program. I also want to thank the town of Waterford and first selectman Tony Sheridan for presenting us a decree on behalf of the town and supporting RED DOORS. The entire night was quite emotionally overwhelming.

I am now back in New York and up to my near-sighted eyes in books and scripts. They say that finding your next film is like falling in love. It can happen at any time or never, but you'll know for sure when it hits you. Although I have to say that at this rate, I feel a bit like a promiscuous tart given that I have fallen in love with at least one book and developed a crush on two scripts in the past month! Must set higher standards, no doubt.

Currently listening to: Track 10 on Wang Leehom's new album. And "Don't Get Me Wrong" by the Pretenders. Yes, eclectic taste. See Mia's recs for more up to date and hip suggestions.

Currently reading: Douglas Hofstadter's "Godel, Escher, Bach". Ok, I admit it. I just like the IDEA of reading it. I'll probably get lazy and hand it over to my father in a week. (Although I think he already understands the Incompleteness Theorem and has moved on to higher order concerns like how to properly prepare dried tofu.)

Currently eating: Café Café's AMAZING custom salads (on Greene Street between Spring and Broome)

Currently watching: "A Tale of Two Sisters" by Kim Ji-Woon. One of the most beautiful and devastating horror films I've ever seen. Also, it would be a crime not to see Wong Kar Wai's "2046" on the big screen while you can.

The Lee sisters reunite at the
New London Garde Arts Center.

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