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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ask her how the date went with the nice Stanford doctor

Jane again again.

We just got word that Laemmle will be screening our film in the Los Angeles area. Very exciting! RED DOORS will be opening on September 22 in LA. This is the same day that we will be opening in San Francisco so we're going to attempt some magic to juggle cast and filmmakers between all the Q&As.

So for LA we will be in either the (Laemmle) Music Box or the Sunset 5 and we will definitely be at the Playhouse in Pasadena. In SF we will be in either (Landmark) Opera Plaza or the Embarcadero Center. Exact theaters to be determined soon.

As for our grassroots update, Georgia, Mia, and I have been working overtime reaching out to organizations, planning group outings, and coordinating marketing material logistics. Georgia has become poster and postcard central. I think she's going through about 100 posters a day - getting them out to organizations, storefronts, and volunteers. She's been juggling all this while doing interviews and speaking engagements every day.

Mia has been coordinating our trailer and print distribution while heading up (re: running the whole damn thing) our west coast grassroots outreach efforts. She's also been managing cast logistics and coordinating our opening weekend Q&A schedule.

I've been pressed into multimedia duty: encoding promotional videos for MichaelB to put up on websites, designing graphical emails and promotional jpgs. Helping to plan the parties and get-togethers for opening weekend and a whole slew of unsexy business and legal stuff in the background.

8 more days until the opening. We have so much to do, but I can't wait...

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