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Friday, August 25, 2006

I'll get the tickets, it'll be fun

Jane again.

For those of you living in Manhattan who ride the M15 bus down 2nd Avenue, you may have noticed the blindingly beautiful bus shelter ad for RED DOORS on the SW corner of 42nd and 2nd. If you haven't, go take the M15. It's air conditioned!

In addition to the two posters up on 42nd and 2nd, we also have shelters up at Broadway and 133rd, Houston and Allen, and Pike and Division.

We were able to get such great advertising exposure - FREE - courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting which has a great marketing credit available to productions that are majority-based in NYC. You may have read about the city's "Made in NY" tax credits intended to attract production back to NY. What you may not know is that even small films like ours can benefit from the incentives.

So, go make a film. Make it in NYC. And get a beautiful bus shelter of your own.

For more information about the "Made in NY" program, check out their website.

Hey, if any of you want to take stupid pictures of yourself in front of one of our bus shelters you can email them to There might even be a prize involved for the best picture. Maybe a pair of tickets to our premiere...

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