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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chinatown, New York

I can't believe we are less than four days from the opening! I have been running around like a madwoman - printing out stickers, putting up posters, getting postcards to gracious friends who have offered to hand them out to others, chatting up restaurants and stores to let us hang up one sheets, etc.

In this craze, I wanted to take a moment to thank Telly Wong, John Leo (LMDC), Paul J.Q. Lee, Eddie Chiu (Lin Sing Association), Mark Wong (Silk Road Cafe), William Lee, and countless others in the Chinatown community for all their amazing help and support to spread the word about RED DOORS!

Also, there will be a press conference/reception in Chinatown on Wednesday, September 6 from 3-5pm at Silk Road Cafe (30 Mott Street). Tzi Ma (our peerless actor who stars as Ed Wong in the film) is arriving and will be available for Q&A. Jane and I will be there as well to hand out more posters and postcards :)

And if you happen to be down in Chinatown before then, check out the kiosk on Canal and Baxter/Mulberry Streets to pick up a postcard! :)

Ok, back to work. No rest ever for indie filmmakers!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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