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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Guest Blog: Freda Foh Shen "May-Li Wong"

Late, late, late. Late at night, late with my blog. Blog. Makes me think of the horse I rode this morning, who has the exceptional ability of being able to cough and fart at the same time. This is not off to a good start.

Late, late, late. Friday approaches. So strange, hard to remember. Who WAS that
wigged woman?? That umbilical cord was cut a long time ago. Now, I watch - she floats. The character may have exited the womb, but our film's cord still needs nurturing. Such a long birthing process. It seems so simple - you approach the counter, lay down your bills, and receive a ticket that lets you into parallel universes. If only we knew the chaotic histories of all these creations.

Late, late, late. So much to do, and late with it all. The day so hot, that 92 degrees inside the house felt cool. So hot, that by noon the brain's multiple folds felt as if they were smoothing out, flattened by heat exhaustion. So hot, nothing got done. Ah. One thing got done - a trip to the fridge to make a root beer float. Yum yum smack smack. I look at stacks of papers and think hopefully, another float?

Soon - later - Henrik (isn't that a lovely Sondheim tune). Everything will get done. Or not. At any rate, come Wednesday, sans gels or liquids, I'll be in the air headed for the vortex. Whoooosh.

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