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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Taking our show on the road

Jane here.

Sorry for the recent radio silence but we've been busily planning the expansion of RED DOORS to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, we've moved to the Village East Cinemas in NYC. We are currently showing on 5 screens in the three cities.

We've been more than a little nervous since our strong opening weekend performance. There's nothing like high expectations to derail our best laid plans. After a strong opening weekend, the next most important milestones are being able to show lasting power (continued performance over time) and repeatability (success in other markets besides the first).

In terms of lasting power, we posted a strong weekday gross of over $8,000 at the Angelika and a very respectable $6,800 over the second weekend (on just one screen).

While the numbers are not yet in, anecdotally it looks like we performed well in Los Angeles and excellently in San Francisco. As of the second matinee show at the Clay Theatre in SF, we had sold over 1,150 tickets.

Special mention needs to go out to our cast who have been stretched very thin trying to accommodate Q&As at ALL the theaters. Tzi and co-producer John Fiorelli have been holding down the fort in SF. Freda, Elaine, Jacqueline, and Mia have been running between Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Encino for our LA area screenings. Georgia spent 2 days in SF before flying back to LA - all the while battling crazy airport delays and flu-like symptoms.

We also need to thank our West Coast PR team - a group of highly talented and devoted professionals who managed to help tremendously in a very short period of time. Corey Tong has been a lifesaver in SF and David Magdael has been phenomenal in LA for us.

We'll be circling the wagons this week to figure out other cities and markets to take RED DOORS to. Please check the website frequently for new city and screening information. And if you haven't watched RED DOORS yet, please go see it in theaters this week. If you've seen it already, take it from me: the film improves with repeat viewings.

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