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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eight - My Lucky Number

I thought 2006 may slow down a bit and allow me to catch my invariably asthmatic breath, but the past few months have been a continued whirlwind. So, here are some quick postcards from my travels - first there was Sundance in January where I had the pleasure and honor of being on the jury for International and American Short Films. I have always loved animation, but I truly fell in love with stop-motion animation and claymation in Park City. In particular, "The Wraith of Cobble Hill" was a pure delight. I can't get over the time and meticulous attention that is lovingly lavished on each frame. On the live action side, "Wraith" shared top honors with a most deliciously sick, gay horror-romance short (or rather a "medium" at its 35 min running length) called "Bugcrush". February was completely consumed by family matters as my father fell very ill and is only now slowly recovering. March was filled with a flurry of RED DOORS appearances from a fun event with Asian Women in Business at the new flagship ESPRIT store in New York to the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival where RED DOORS screened at the Kabuki 8 in San Francisco followed a week later with a premiere showing in San Jose. We were really overwhelmed by the audience turnout and enthusiastic response! Thanks so much to everyone in the Bay Area for coming out and supporting the film!

Time truly does fly when you're having fun and it approaches light speed when you are doing the film festival circuit. When April came this year, Jane, Mia and I were slack-jawed that it had been a FULL YEAR since we debuted RED DOORS at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2005. In that time, we have taken our celluloid baby around the world from Las Vegas to Pusan, Korea and secured that increasingly elusive holy grail in the independent film world - theatrical distribution. But more on that in a second. Tribeca 2006 was a very different but equally exciting experience as I sat on the jury of the New York Narrative competition this year. It was so great to finally WATCH films since last year we had no time! We awarded the Best Narrative Feature in our category to a lovely dramedy called "The Treatment" and an honorable mention to Charles Busch's tender and comedic film "A Very Serious Person".

I am most excited to announce that we have finalized the release date and theater for our opening in New York! "Red Doors" will be opening September 8, 2006 at the Angelika Film Center in SoHo. We are finalizing the details for the other primary cities but they will most likely be a week or two after September 8. Details coming very soon! I can not fully express how exciting (and anxiety-causing) it is to have your labor of love finally showing in a bona fide movie theater! And EIGHT is a very auspicious number for the Chinese. It is phonetically similar to the words for fortune, good luck, and prosperity. I am a firm believer that we all make our own destiny. But hey, a little box office luck couldn't hurt! Hope to see you all at the theaters in September!!



Photos by Wendy Tang

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