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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Sorry about the radio silence for the past few months. We are very excited to announce that RED DOORS is now available on DVD from the usual retail suspects (Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) And we're doubly excited that RED DOORS is graduating to DVD-land with its good friend THE MOTEL, a wonderful film by my friend Michael Kang.

THE MOTEL is a quirky sweet story of a Chinese American boy growing up in a seedy motel. It is one of the most nuanced and well-directed films I have seen this year. And (as you know) RED DOORS is a quirky sweet story of three Chinese American sisters growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut. Two sides of the Asian American film coin. You can actually buy both films together at Amazon as a package deal.

Both DVDs are loaded with extras, including for THE MOTEL:
* a behind-the-scenes doc
* commentary track by director Michael Kang, Sung Kang and Jeffrey Chyau
* Commentary by me (dir. Georgia Lee) and producers (Jane Chen and Mia Riverton)
* "Behind Red Doors" featurette
* "Educated": an earlier short film we made
* Photo gallery
Please help spread the word. Buy it. Rent it. Netflix it. Live it. :)

For those in the press or interested, we have attached our distributor's official press release here.

Thanks so much again to everyone for all their help and support!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Taking our show on the road

Jane here.

Sorry for the recent radio silence but we've been busily planning the expansion of RED DOORS to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, we've moved to the Village East Cinemas in NYC. We are currently showing on 5 screens in the three cities.

We've been more than a little nervous since our strong opening weekend performance. There's nothing like high expectations to derail our best laid plans. After a strong opening weekend, the next most important milestones are being able to show lasting power (continued performance over time) and repeatability (success in other markets besides the first).

In terms of lasting power, we posted a strong weekday gross of over $8,000 at the Angelika and a very respectable $6,800 over the second weekend (on just one screen).

While the numbers are not yet in, anecdotally it looks like we performed well in Los Angeles and excellently in San Francisco. As of the second matinee show at the Clay Theatre in SF, we had sold over 1,150 tickets.

Special mention needs to go out to our cast who have been stretched very thin trying to accommodate Q&As at ALL the theaters. Tzi and co-producer John Fiorelli have been holding down the fort in SF. Freda, Elaine, Jacqueline, and Mia have been running between Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Encino for our LA area screenings. Georgia spent 2 days in SF before flying back to LA - all the while battling crazy airport delays and flu-like symptoms.

We also need to thank our West Coast PR team - a group of highly talented and devoted professionals who managed to help tremendously in a very short period of time. Corey Tong has been a lifesaver in SF and David Magdael has been phenomenal in LA for us.

We'll be circling the wagons this week to figure out other cities and markets to take RED DOORS to. Please check the website frequently for new city and screening information. And if you haven't watched RED DOORS yet, please go see it in theaters this week. If you've seen it already, take it from me: the film improves with repeat viewings.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Dear Friends,

I am extremely excited to report that all of your great efforts spreading the word and supporting RED DOORS' opening in New York helped make the film a huge success! RED DOORS grossed $35,050 on only two screens, earning a stellar per-screen average of $17,525, and making it the NUMBER ONE film in the country on a per-screen basis!!!

We are so grateful to each and every one of you for all your amazing help to support our labor of love. This opening is a phenomenal beginning, and we hope to continue the momentum into the film's second week in New York (at the Angelika Film Center) and then on to Los Angeles (at the Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills and the Laemmle Playhouse in Pasadena) and San Francsico (at the Landmark Clay Theatre) where RED DOORS will be opening on September 22.

I cannot tell you how overwhelmed we have been by the love and support we have received from the community. Thank you so much again. Let's harness this great energy to rally folks to see the film in New York this second week and in Los Angeles and San Francisco on September 22!!

Gratefully yours,
Georgia Lee

California Release Date Promo

Friday, September 08, 2006

Guest Blog: Michael B.

With RED DOORS momentum at critical mass, and the whole team facing tough work with PR, premiere ticket distribution, and the other misc. excitement that comes with opening a small feature film, what can you do to take a break and have some fun?

Why, you can send stars of the film Tzi Ma (playing Ed Wong) and Freda Foh Shen (May-Li Wong) to Chinatown, have them meet with an enthusiastic group of volunteers assembled by the Chinatown Youth Initiative, load everyone up with as many posters and postcards as they can carry, and turn them loose to the streets!

Tzi keeps the crew on task...

Tzi keeps the crew on task

while Freda inspects the finished product.

Freda inspects the finished product

Thanks to everyone who came out to help and to Wendy from CYI for organizing our afternoon.

Welcome to the RED DOORS family!


Thursday, September 07, 2006


Georgia here.

Am going nuts trying to get the million and one things that needed to be done yesterday done now. Went to bed at 5am for the third night in a row and looks like it's going to be a fourth tonight. Tzi has arrived from LA and did a great press conference in Chinatown today. After that we swung by a special preview screening at The Core Club hosted by the NY Mayor's Office of Film and TV and then over to Dolby 88 for another preview screening hosted by the PGA East's Diversity Committee. And am finally back at home staring at an over-flooded inbox...

But in the craze, I wanted to send a shout out to Gary Lee and his cousin Pamela Tsao. I am convinced the Energizer Bunny genes must run in their blood because everyone I meet from Gary's family is UNSTOPPABLE. In addition to having a full-time banking job, Gary (and now with the gracious assistance of Pamela who ALSO is a banker) has single-handedly helped us reach out to the Asian American community in NY. We know the folks in entertainment, but Gary has been instrumental in connecting us with folks in business, politics, non-profit, party-promoting, and the list goes on and on.

So Gary and Pamela threw a launch party for RED DOORS last Friday at BLVD in downtown Manhattan. I just wanted to thank them very much for helping spread the word. AND I wanted to post up some of the fun photos from that night!

Ok, 24 hours to go. See you all at the theaters!

Georgia and friends at BLVD
  Georgia and friends at BLVD
Georgia and friends at BLVD
  Georgia and friend at BLVD

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Guest Blog: Freda Foh Shen "May-Li Wong"

Late, late, late. Late at night, late with my blog. Blog. Makes me think of the horse I rode this morning, who has the exceptional ability of being able to cough and fart at the same time. This is not off to a good start.

Late, late, late. Friday approaches. So strange, hard to remember. Who WAS that
wigged woman?? That umbilical cord was cut a long time ago. Now, I watch - she floats. The character may have exited the womb, but our film's cord still needs nurturing. Such a long birthing process. It seems so simple - you approach the counter, lay down your bills, and receive a ticket that lets you into parallel universes. If only we knew the chaotic histories of all these creations.

Late, late, late. So much to do, and late with it all. The day so hot, that 92 degrees inside the house felt cool. So hot, that by noon the brain's multiple folds felt as if they were smoothing out, flattened by heat exhaustion. So hot, nothing got done. Ah. One thing got done - a trip to the fridge to make a root beer float. Yum yum smack smack. I look at stacks of papers and think hopefully, another float?

Soon - later - Henrik (isn't that a lovely Sondheim tune). Everything will get done. Or not. At any rate, come Wednesday, sans gels or liquids, I'll be in the air headed for the vortex. Whoooosh.

Chinatown, New York

I can't believe we are less than four days from the opening! I have been running around like a madwoman - printing out stickers, putting up posters, getting postcards to gracious friends who have offered to hand them out to others, chatting up restaurants and stores to let us hang up one sheets, etc.

In this craze, I wanted to take a moment to thank Telly Wong, John Leo (LMDC), Paul J.Q. Lee, Eddie Chiu (Lin Sing Association), Mark Wong (Silk Road Cafe), William Lee, and countless others in the Chinatown community for all their amazing help and support to spread the word about RED DOORS!

Also, there will be a press conference/reception in Chinatown on Wednesday, September 6 from 3-5pm at Silk Road Cafe (30 Mott Street). Tzi Ma (our peerless actor who stars as Ed Wong in the film) is arriving and will be available for Q&A. Jane and I will be there as well to hand out more posters and postcards :)

And if you happen to be down in Chinatown before then, check out the kiosk on Canal and Baxter/Mulberry Streets to pick up a postcard! :)

Ok, back to work. No rest ever for indie filmmakers!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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