Red Doors
Red Doors
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Filmmaker Podcasts:
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Episode 1: Pre-Production! [MP3, 12MB]
A discussion about the pre-production process and our inaugural podcast!

Episode 2: Financing and Casting [MP3, 12MB]
Raising the cash to DIY or "How I learned to max out my credit card and love investors".

Episode 3: *SPECIAL TOPIC* Advice for Young Filmmakers: Pre-Production [MP3, 26MB]
Are you thinking of shooting your story? We'll talk about putting the pieces together.

Episode 4: Summer Films [MP3, 23MB]
It's that time of year! We've had a relaxing 4th of July and are ready to praise (and skewer) this summer's film offerings.

Episode 5: Production Advice [MP3, 15MB]
You don't want to miss our Production Advice for Young Filmmakers. Don't forget to feed your crew!

Episode 6: Editing Advice [MP3, 15MB]
Grab your favorite pair of scissors and join us as we talk about cutting film.

Episode 7: The Festival [MP3, 20MB]
Take that finished movie on the road. We'll tell you how.

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