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A video interview with Tzi Ma can be found at New Tang Dynasty Television's website.

A video interview with Georgia and Mia can be found at

"Charming Chinese-American family dysfunction abounds in RED DOORS"

- Entertainment Weekly

"Hawaii is still a launching pad for early films by younger directors, particularly Asian Americans. I saw two I admired. Georgia Lee's 'RED DOORS' tells the story of a troubled Chinese-American family; the father has retired into deep silence and eventually wanders away from the family on a personal spiritual quest.

The mother presides over a 29-year-old professional (Jacqueline Kim), a young medical intern (Elaine Kao) and a teenager (Kathy Shao-Lin) whose idea of letting a boy know she's interested in him is putting a bomb in his locker. A small bomb, to be sure. When the intern falls in love with an actress, the family life grows even more fraught, since there is some doubt that the mother can handle this information. The film handles this not as sitcom material but with a warm tenderness." (read full article)

- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Well-told and charming, debuting writer-helmer Georgia Lee's comedy-drama 'RED DOORS' is big on heart but never sappy. Without overdoing the quirk factor or the melodrama, Lee shows a sure feel for family dynamics, and her light touch brings out the best in the ensemble's lovely, understated performances." (read full article)

- Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

"This is a hilariously funny and unbelievably revealing film about an Asian family living in the U.S. and dealing with the colliding worlds of their traditional heritage and their current reality. The choices they must make as individuals, as family members and as Asian Americans are sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking -- and ultimately self-defining for the characters, the filmmakers and those of us who watch the film."

- Janet Hanson Interview, Wall Street Journal

"Tribeca '05 honoree 'RED DOORS' by writer/director Georgia Lee took a Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Acting [at CineVegas], a well-deserved nod. The film, beautifully acted by Jacqueline Kim, Tzi Ma, Freda Foh Shen, Kathy Shao-Lin Lee, Elaine Kao, and Rossif Sutherland, follows the travails of a suburban New York Chinese-American family dealing with various stages of life's passages, including retirement, marriage, teen angst and love dramas. I saw the film during its Tuesday afternoon screening time-slot, and despite the time (this was the film's second showing) the theater was full, and many stayed after for Q&A with Georgia Lee." (read full article)

- IndieWire

"charming, honest and heartfelt"

- Las Vegas Weekly

"RED DOORS lives up to the and enjoyable...a moving, imaginative film, filled with hope and heart. The character's eccentricities provide the basis for laugh-out-loud humor, and their stories are weaved together skillfully." (read full review)

- Asia Pacific Arts Magazine

"heartwarming comedy...unique and yet universal story"

- New York Times

"Georgia Lee's RED DOORS is reminiscent of early Ang Lee: Tensions in a Chinese-American family are explored in full as the dad retires and his city-commuting daughters edge warily toward traditional marriages. Lee's sensitive drama demonstrates a directorial talent worth following."

- Time Out New York, April 14-20, 2005

Pictures from the RED DOORS premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, 4/22/05


"insightful and touching"

- New York Daily News

"Georgia Lee, the director of the family drama RED DOORS, was Scorsese's assistant, and like her boss, she's artfully mining her New York roots (in her case, Chinese-American)."

New York Magazine, April 25, 2005

"At Tribeca, Georgia Lee's understated family drama about a Chinese American family in the New York burbs, is an artfully observed, promising debut."

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