Red Doors
Red Doors
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May-Li and SamRed Doors tells the story of the Wongs, a bizarrely dysfunctional Chinese-American family living in the New York suburbs. Ed Wong (Tzi Ma) has just retired and plots to escape his mundane life. However, the tumultuous, madcap lives of his three rebellious daughters change his plans.

Samantha (Jacqueline Kim), the eldest daughter, is a tough New York businesswoman engaged to a prominent young man (Jayce Bartok). Festering beneath her controlled surface, however, is a deep-rooted resentment for being pushed onto the straight and narrow path. As she nears her thirtieth birthday, Samantha begins to reevaluate her career and love life. When she runs into an old high school flame (Rossif Sutherland) during a visit to her hometown, Samantha is thrust into a soul-searching journey that compels her to reexamine how she has lived her life until now.

Julie and MiaJulie (Elaine Kao), the shy middle sister, is a fourth-year medical student whose only social outlet is her weekly ballroom dance class. Julie has always been the quiet center of the Wong family storm. However, Julie’s world is turned upside down when she meets Mia Scarlett (Mia Riverton), a movie star researching her next role at the hospital, who sets Julie’s heart aflame. While Julie grapples with the difficulties of dating a celebrity, she also tries to keep her own family from falling apart.

Katie (Kathy Shao-Lin Lee), the youngest sister, is a disaffected high school senior who engages in an elaborate prank war with Simon (Sebastian Stan), her longtime neighbor and nemesis. While the pranks start out innocuously, the incidents rapidly escalate to dangerous proportions until the two finally discover their own peculiar brand of emotional connection.

Ed and KatieBefore Ed disappears, he decides to re-visit his history through old VHS footage of the Wong family (the director’s own home video footage). The stark contrast between the happier past and the colder reality of the present compel Ed to leave home. Yet, while the Wongs may no longer be able to verbally express their feelings, Ed and the daughters learn to communicate again through the stories and images from the past.

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